Between Heaven and Earth


Harness the creative force of the universe in your daily existence
Build a sacred space for the Divine
Explore the role of the Divine Mother, the Shekhinah, in Judaism
Activate the spiritual power of optimism and hope in your life
Discover how to manifest the messianic consciousness in your world

Our Major Courses

Each major course is composed of several mini-series that each develops another dimension of the course. 

  • $900

From Brokenness to Wholeness: The Work of Self-Transformation and Tikkun Middot

    In this course, you will engage in the work of personal transformation using teachings and practices from the Kabbalah and the wider Jewish tradition. You will discover the part of your soul that you need to repair in this life (tikkun nefesh) and learn how to harness the power of the divine spark (nitzutz Elohi) within you, so you can tap into the eternal truth that is your divine inheritance.

    • $728

    Awakening to the Higher Awareness

      Awakening to the Higher Awareness is an experiential program that focuses on understanding the inner changes that take place in our awareness during meditation. Rabbi Yoel will guide you through all the stages of the meditation process, show you how to build an inner pathway in consciousness and connect with your soul.

      • $420

      One Reality

        One Reality explores the nature of the Divine Countenances or Partzufim—the different aspects of the Godhead that hold together the structure of the spiritual realm. These Great Beings strive to bring the whole universe into a state of harmony and balance on the individual, collective, and cosmic levels.  They provide a powerful model for the reimagining of our personal and global reality as a single living organism.

        • $350

        Soul Adventures

          The human soul is most extraordinary creation. It can live in both this world and the higher realms. Our soul transforms us into multi-leveled beings that hold the finite and the infinite in our awareness. We travel from life-to-life on a breath-taking adventure of the Spirit.

          • $125

          Sefirot: Backbone of the Universe

            This series explores the structure of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life—the backbone of the universe. It delves into the nature of the ten sefirot, the energy centers that form its essential components, and teaches you how to tap into the sefirotic forces within your subtle body. Come and discover how to harness these divine energies to uplift and transform yourself and your world.

            About Rabbi Yoel Glick

            Rabbi Yoel Glick, the director of Daat Elyon, is a teacher of Jewish mysticism, one of the pioneers of modern Jewish meditation, and a spiritual mentor who has been guiding seekers on the path for over thirty years. Rabbi Yoel teaches in synagogues, ashrams, monasteries, seminaries and interfaith institutions to students from a multitude of backgrounds in locations across the globe.

            As part of Yoel’s work as a rabbi and spiritual teacher, he has been guiding people along the path for more than thirty years.